How does Programming influence my daily life

1. Start counting from zero 2. Observing software instead of using it 3. Consider creating a piece of software for every problem 4. Vocabulary


Lambda Operator

The Lambda Operator is used to create very small functions or anonymous functions. Most of times, Lambda Operator is used in combination with map() , filter() and reduce() functions. Syntax : lambda <argument_list> : <expression> where, the <argument_list> has comma separated arguments and <expression> is mathematical expression.   For example, >>> increment_variable = lambda x : x+1... Continue Reading →

Simple way for Permutations!

In mathematics, permutation relates to the act of arranging all the members of a set into some sequence or order, or if the set is already ordered, rearranging elements, a process called permuting. In simple way, ALL POSSIBLE WAYS of achieving something! Let's say shuffling characters in a plain text to create some unreadable text in some... Continue Reading →

Hashing in Python? Dictionaries to the rescue!

Dictionaries are data structures which work in KEY-VALUE pairs separated by colon(:) symbol. Keys are used to access elements of dictionaries and keys can be strings,numbers,etc. Dictionaries are mutable which means we can easily modify contents of Dictionaries! Hashing is a cool technique which can help us retrieve any record in constant amount of time let's... Continue Reading →

Opening a Webpage Using Python

Opening a webpage using programming sounds a little tricky, but Python is here to help! The webbrowser module in Python can be used to open any webpage or website. See the following example: import webbrowser'', new=2) Setting new=2 makes your webpage open on a new window!

Comparing Sequences and other types​

Sequence objects may be compared to other objects with the same sequence type. The comparison uses lexicographical ordering: first, the first two items are compared, and if they differ this determines the outcome of the comparison; if they are equal, the next two items are compared, and so on

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