Opening a Webpage Using Python

Opening a webpage using programming sounds a little tricky, but Python is here to help! The webbrowser module in Python can be used to open any webpage or website. See the following example: import webbrowser'', new=2) Setting new=2 makes your webpage open on a new window!


Comparing Sequences and other types​

Sequence objects may be compared to other objects with the same sequence type. The comparison uses lexicographical ordering: first, the first two items are compared, and if they differ this determines the outcome of the comparison; if they are equal, the next two items are compared, and so on

Python Integer Numbers

These represent numbers in the range -2147483648 through 2147483647. When the result of an operation would fall outside this range, the result is normally returned as a long integer (in some cases, the exception OverflowError is raised instead).

Knowing data type of a variable!

As we all know that Python changes the type of variable during run time as per it's need. But sometimes we need to see type of variable before performing some operations or calculations further on that variable. So,in order to find data type of a variable use in built function type() >>> firstNumber = 10... Continue Reading →

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