Why CPythonian Classes?

You might be thinking why to join our (CPythonian) classes if there are a lot of more institutes offering the courses. Let me tell you something, you can not find any institute who is offering the Python Programming Course on such a lowest amount. We focus on learning and guiding not on the amount.

Benefits you will get as a student:

  • We’ll provide you required tools (e.g.: Softwares, Py modules, libs etc)
  • You’ll get detailed notes on C and Python Programming before starting a new topic
  • You’ll get soft copies of all the books and notes we’ve referred
  • We’ll solve Daily Assignments from you
  • We are conducting weekly test to increase your performance and productivity
  • Real-Time Performance Tracking Helps you to understand your weak and strong points
  • Some advanced or related content to your syllabus will be posted on our blog
  • Interactive and Descriptive Sessions like never before helps anyone to learn the code
  • We’re providing you a micro project to solve, it will reflect your skills and helps you in your Performance Tracking

We strongly believe that these are the benefits that every student want from any coaching classes or from institutes. It reflects like 3600 learning environment.

Give us a chance to help you to understand what it feels like studying here. Please Give us a Missed Call on — (+91) 9970204818, 9404402095


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